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Our mission at Know Polyhydramnios is to advance the standard of care for pregnancies complicated by Polyhydramnios, to promote the developmental potential of infants whose gestations were complicated by polyhydramnios through earlier intervention and proper testing, and to understand the causes, effects, and long-term outcomes of polyhydramnios. 

The way we accomplish our mission is through research. This page will update you on the progress of our latest research projects.

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Current Research

April 2023


Our organization is working to move our mission forward. Through the use of our qualitative surveys, Know Polyhydramnios (KP) has identified research priorities in order to inform better care of pregnancies complicated by polyhydramnios.
The President of the Board, Dr. Michael Aziz, is working to utilize linked patient records and insurance claims data to answer our questions regarding the long-term prognosis. Once we better understand the prognosis, we can identify barriers to care. KP intends to aggressively target these barriers through our advocacy efforts.
Ultimately, KP’s Medical Advisory Committee will
develop an analysis of the findings of the retrospective studies to better inform the maternal and pediatric medical communities and advance the care of those who suffer from this complication.

KP is excited by this ambitious and ground-breaking project that will boldly advance its core mission to improve the lives of so many who suffer the effects of polyhydramnios.



We use donations to fund research. Research is the necessary tool that we need to be able to help more moms and babies. When we understand more about how Polyhydramnios works and why it happens, then we can make the right decisions to provide the best support for moms and babies.

Research projects range on average between $15,000 to more than $100,000.

We best support infants affected by polyhydramnios by learning what causes their increased fluid. When we pinpoint the cause, we develop better screening tests and implement correct interventions. We support women affected by polyhydramnios pregnancies by providing a safe standard of care for them during pregnancy and their postpartum period. Research helps us understand more about the risks of polyhydramnios so that we can develop a gold standard.

What Next?

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