Tiffany Young - Founder and Executve Director of Know Polyhydramnios

Tiffany Young

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Director

Tiffany is a poly mom with a very strong passion to help others also affected by Polyhydramnios. She started in July 2020 as a simple website that acted as a safe place on the internet where moms could find helpful accurate information about Polyhydramnios. 

In the spring of 2021, she teamed up with an incredible group of like-minded people to take the work of the website and turn it into a nonprofit corporation. Now, she’s helping to change the way that mamas with poly are cared for and to make sure that their babies receive the medical care, genetic testing, and preventative therapies that they deserve as quickly as possible. Tiffany is also a full-time, year-round, homeschooling mom of seven that enjoys loving on others, spending time with her family at their Texas homestead, and spending quiet time with a warm cup of tea.

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