Krystal Steen Director of Know Polyhydramnios

Krystal Steen


Hi, I’m Krystal! I am the mother of three wonderful children, (2 boys and 1 girl), wife to my high school sweetheart, small business owner, Founder & CEO of Wonderfully Rare, Mama, advocate, and a Polyhydramnios survivor. 

During my third, and final, pregnancy with my daughter, I developed severe extreme Polyhydramnios with an AFI level of 72 measuring at its highest. I delivered my daughter at 36 weeks gestation due to complications associated with Poly and Preeclampsia. 

My daughter, Annie, was born floppy and not breathing with multiple anomalies, low Apgar score, and needed to be intubated. She required a 69 day stay in NICU and underwent multiple procedures prior to her hospital release. At 14 weeks old, Annie was finally diagnosed via Whole Exome Sequencing testing with Noonan Syndrome. 

Upon her diagnosis, I became completely invested into a life of advocacy. In doing so, I realized I was also advocating for others like her and other mothers like me.  It has now become a mission of mine to change the standard for prenatal testing and cardiac imaging at the time of birth across the board, while bringing awareness about Polyhydramnios and rare genetic conditions that could be an underlying and unknown reason for polyhydramnios.

I strongly believe that through education, conversation, research, experience, and personal healing, we can bring awareness about the severity of Polyhydramnios and help better prepare mothers and care teams for the birth of babies associated with Polyhydramnios. It could save lives!

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