Mear's poly baby

Meara's Story: 41 Week Water Birth

Mear's poly baby

41 Week Water Birth

I came across Meara’s story in a Facebook support group and it was so beautiful I had to ask if I could share it here. She so kindly agreed! 

Meara got to experience a birth that many poly mamas only dream about, but her story also proves that anything is possible with poly! I hope her story reminds mamas that there can be great beauty on the other side of their fear.

Thank you for letting me share your story, Meara!

Meara’s Story

The entire third trimester I worried over the possibility of cord prolapse, early delivery, breech presentation, etc. Then at my last ultrasound, they said my AFI was somehow down to only 7cm! 

I was thrilled.

Well, when my water broke at 41+2 weeks before labor began I knew that wasn’t accurate… It was a waterfall! My water gushed for 19 hours before I finally went in to the hospital for Pitocin to help jumpstart contractions. It didn’t take much to get it going so the midwife turned the Pitocin back off and let me ride it out. 

I managed a beautiful pain med-free water birth. 

I am so happy.

I was sure my labor was gonna be some big catastrophe but it wasn’t. It turned out beautiful and I am so thankful. I’ve loved reading all of your [poly support group] birth stories during my pregnancy to prepare me for all possibilities, so thank you all.

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JUL 18

Meara Hasn’t Shared Any Updates Yet

And we haven’t heard anything about how her little one is since being born. We will try to reach out to her to find out though!

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