Copyright Release

I understand that by submitting my story (the “Submission”) to Know Polyhydramnios, I grant to Know Polyhydramnios, Megan Kmiotek, and Tiffany Young a perpetual, royalty-free right and license to:


  1. edit my Submission for length and clarity, and to make all such modifications as Know Polyhydramnios may deem appropriate in its sole discretion; 
  2. copy, publish and distribute my Submission for purposes of fundraising for Know Polyhydramnios and any other business purpose of Know Polyhydramnios; and
  3. use my name, and biographic or other information in connection with the publication of the Submission, in Know Polyhydramnios’s sole discretion.


I represent and warrant that (i) the Submission is my original work, (ii) I am the sole author of the Submission, (iii) I own all copyrights in the Submission (whether or not registered),  and (iv) no permissions of any third party are required for KP’s use and publication of the Submission as contemplated hereby. 


In the event of any claim by a third party that my Submission or any portion thereof infringes the third party’s intellectual property rights, I agree to indemnify and hold KP harmless from all such claims. I acknowledge that the permissions granted in this Copyright Release are irrevocable and are granted without expectation of compensation.


I have read and understood the contents hereof, and I have the right and authority to execute this Copyright Release.

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